There is hope

20 Dec

I have been really stressed this term,  so stressed that I ignored a lot of phone calls, text, and people. When I’m under stress, I just don’t feel like interacting with others, unless I feel comfortable. My main goal is to finish school ASAP, at all cost. I can not delay my schedule any more. I have to get out of school, and start a new life.

On my last week of classes, something stroked me while surfing on the internet. The shooting in Connecticut was all over the news, listening to the witnesses and testimonies from victims of families and friends were heartbreaking. I could not imagine such evil had taken place.

This tragedy has me thinking a lot again, thinking outside of school. It is yet another reminder for me to be thankful and do something about the people around me, also the community, and even the world.

Everyone in America is in grieves and pain, but today I came across something special, a glimpse of happiness and hope. There is a campaign called “26 act of kindness” going on online and around America. . Suddenly, everyone is being united because of this tragedy, it has everyone to start caring for others again, besides themselves or just their families. Doing a simple act of kindness to another stranger on the street really changes the atmosphere, it makes us more “human”.  It can be anything, as simple as helping a lady cross the street. Reading the post from others, really touches my heart. People were buying lunch and coffee for strangers on the street, leaving gift cards behind, donating to orphanage across the globe. Not just from 1 person, but hundreds and thousands are starting to participate. Indeed, it’s something special, especially around  Christmas time.

Yes, there are a lot of horror in this world, horror in the corners and around the world that we can’t possibly imagine. But there are still many good people. Evil shall not be taken over all the goodness that God has created. I constantly need a reminder, this movement or energy from everyone is a good reminder for myself to get out of my shell and start doing something good again. I am going to do the act of kindness, I am not going to put a number on it because I don’t want it to be a burden, something that I have to achieve because of it. I want it to be a big reminder for myself, and not have a limit on the act of kindness.


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