Pain and Suffering

23 Dec

With the extra time that I have over the Christmas holidays, I’ve been thinking about numerous topics, such as pain and suffering. This connects to some of the current news, and to reflect on some of my past experiences and memories. This is what I found with the help of post and videos from the internet.


Why are their pain and suffering?

The biological reason is to alert us for danger and protect us in the process. It’s a common reasoning that many people know now.

Pain and suffering truly reveal who we really are. Life is easy when things are going well for us. But everyone encounters problems and  how do we react to it? The problem results in some sort of pain and suffering.

When my grandma passed away during this summer, my family was in grieves. But during this time, it made my family closer and care for each other. My dad and step mom left their work and flew back from Nunavut for the funeral. My dad and his brothers rarely talk or see each other, also they had some business issues in the past. But over the lost of their mother, they were able to put aside their conflicts and come together to love one another. This is the power of love.

I also get to see my cousins which I also rarely see through out the years. We organized dinner, trips to Seattle, shared tears and laughter. It was definitely amazing and I cherished all of it. Through pain, we learned valuable life lessons. These lessons and experience can be equipped to us to help others in the same situation. It’s definitely important to know how to respond to tragedies in a way that can benefit all of us.


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