Act of Kindness

26 Dec

For this Christmas, I excelled, I achieved something that I have never done before. I wrote Christmas cards and gave out gift cards to many family members and friends. Even though I have given out cards to brothers at church before, but never have I wrote one to my family and friends.

Also, I bought Mcdonalds to a couple of homeless, I just felt like I had to do it because of the motivation from the”26 acts of kindness” online campaign. I felt emptied during this time, and I just wanted to do something good for the community to relieve my emptiness.

I was desired to express my thankfulness and appreciation for the people around me. I was not looking for returns in materials, but only a cheerful respond that they liked what I did for them. The biggest return was their valuable time that they spent and talked to me.

The biggest factor from my achievement was writing to my family. I wrote to my cousins, I cherished the time we spent with one another, especially the fact that we grew up with one another was something so special you couldn’t find it anywhere else. I wrote to my mom and grandmother, I thanked them for their numerous support and raising me, in Chinese. For the first time I wrote to my mom and grandmother and thanked them. It was something very difficult for me, it felt harder than writing an exam.

I love the holidays, the time where I don’t have to study, where I can freely enjoy what I do. Therefore I need to get out of school ASAP. Please pray for me that I can really pass all my courses this term and the following term and get a good job.



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