Late Night Writing/Music

24 Jan

Last week I found out my classmate also failed the same course that I did. I could not resist, but I had this selfishness inside of me. I was actually happy, because we can stick together with the same schedule and graduate together in the future.

A few days later she double checked her marks with the instructor. The instructor made a mistake with her marks, she actually passed the course and can graduate on time. She was super happy with the good news, but for a slight moment…….  I was disappointed. The devil caused me to think the wrong way. I had to overcome the work of the enemy and remind myself. This was a miracle from God and she definitely deserved the blessing. Even though I did not experience the miracle myself, but I should be happy that she did and be proud of her.

On a side note: I love old songs, remind me of the past, the first time when I heard the song.

Sarah Mclachlan – In the Arms of the Angel. Sad, yet peaceful.


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